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If you're' having problems, test your microphone. Our text search is a quick way to find songs and people. You can enter a band's' or singer's' name, all or part of a song title, and even find other midomi users.
Identify Tunes by Singing Them with Midomi PCMagLogo.2016. Arrow_Path.
What makes Midomi stand out over other apps that also identify songs for you is that Midomi lets you sing to it, instead of forcing you to find the song playing somewhere before identifying it. Other apps, like Shazam, work best when you can find a copy of the actual song playing over the radio or in public, but with Midomi all you need to do is remember the lyrics or hum the tune and the service can work its magic.
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Find a song with midomi.
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Hum along, and Midomi recognizes your song VentureBeat.
Midomi, a new company in Silicon Valley Sunnyvale, has just launched an impressive musical search service. If you hum, or sing a song, Midomi will likely recognize what youre singing. So if you get a song in your head, and you dont know what it is, go to Midomi.
App vs. App: Shazam and Midomi iMore.
Midomi is WAY BETTER. The new version of midomi is also better at identifying original music it was not before but now it is I tested both midomi and shazam in noisy environments and midomi was successful even when the noise was loud and music was far away.
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